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Hi All

Of course, none of us in the “blogosphere” can ever be sure whether these posts will ever actually be read!! I hope that they are and people enjoy the images posted here as well as the accounts of the journeys to come. Some will be adventurous and extended others will be short and sweet and then there will be those that are apparently mundane but were trips that I found interesting anyway! If there is a journey that you would like to see then drop me a line. If you live near a Natural World “must record” then do please let me know – I am looking for places which have not yet received the recognition that their outstanding natural beauty demands. I have titled this post ‘My Blog for Photographic Exploration’ and I have done this in order to highlight the fact that this is about exploring the natural world as a photographer. There are many expeditions and explorations every year which have a photographer as part of their team to record the activity. However, I want to bring Photography to the front and centre of Exploration, to use images to demonstrate not only the Natural Beauty of the world, but also its endless variety and complexity – this seems to be reason enough to go looking. I also want to re-focus our attentions from the usual, from the well-trodden path, from the standard views to look for those paths not taken and to reveal a much more diversely beautiful planet. I will be making my images using a variety of tools from ultra large format film cameras (14″x17″ … yes inches!), large format (10″x8″) and the venerable Fuji GX680 medium format film camera. I will also use Digital cameras both standard and Infra Red enabled and Polaroid (600SE). I also intend to incorporate Timelapse video where appropriate of the places that I visit. I am committed to one more year at my current job and will then quit salaried employment to devote myself to this project! I am looking forward to the freedom to just travel and photograph and am also looking forward to meeting other photographers along the way and to shooting with you all. The image for this inaugural post comes from my most recent trip – 2500 miles around Northern Scandinavia (mostly above the Arctic Circle) this Summer.