Ricklean River

The Ricklean River is quite mature by the time it reaches Robertsfors on its way to the Bay of Bothnia and I suspect that it will pay some further explorations. I had been looking for the Astromsforsen Nature Reserve and in the process I drove along all possible roads … didn’t find the reserve, so an expedition for another day! However, I did see several bridges across the Ricklean River

As I was heading towards the town of Robertsfors (also the name of the Kommun)

I came across this bridge and stopped to make a short video of the day’s excursions. It does seem that these bridges are also meant for fishing from since there are signs on them all for fishing licences. Whilst I was filming there was a huge splash in the Ricklean River, which I think can only have been a fish, but if it was then it was a mighty big fish in the Ricklean River!

Whilst making my short video piece …

in the middle of the bridge over the Ricklean River I noticed this view across the bridge and it looked perfect for Infra Red, so much so that I didn’t even shoot it in colour – which would really have been a pale imitation of this stunning view of the Ricklean River.

I am currently shooting almost exclusively in the panoramic format …

and use tilt shift lenses for the purpose, which makes the stitching later much easier (though the ideal would be to have the sensor move rather than the lens). I also find that if one uses the nodal point rotation for panoramas then the tendency is to include way too much. Using the Tilt shift lens gives a view between 2.5 and 3 to 1.

In setting up this shot,

I knew that I wanted to include some of the bridge across the Ricklean River and placed the lens at its right most position and then used the geared head on my tripod to place the right hand side of the image to include enough of the bridge. I then checked to see how much of the Ricklean River would be included and felt that the view was perfect. I also made cerain that the tripod head was level before shooting this view of the Ricklean River.

I chose the 820nm filter …

for this image of the Ricklean RIver because I really wanted that white foliage look of Infra Red. I do also have the 590nm filter which passes more colour from around the golden Yellow through to Infra Red parts of the spectrum and so can be used for Faux Colour effects in Infra Red. However, I am finding that Faux Colour doesn’t resonate well with me at present!

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Here is a link to walks along the Ricklean River if you would like to check out the river yourself