Golden Hour

Landscape Photographers…

typcally want to shoot in the so-called Golden Hour and this shot shows us exactly why. The trees in the middle distance are glowing with the beautiful golden light. The granite rocks in the foreground are shining a bright bronze colour. The light from the setting sun during Golden Hour is lighting the scene to my left so I reset my camera and made this panorama, a three image stitch using the Samyang 24mm TS lens on my Sony A7Rii to give my preferred panorama format at approximately 3:1 aspect ratio.

Sunset at this time of year …

was 2230 according to The Photographers Ephemeris (a vital tool for landscape photographers) and sunrise was around 0245. The upshot of all this is that golden hour at each end of the day lasts much longer here than it might elsewhere. Of course, it does make a sunrise shot all the more demanding than it would be elsewhere!

I had been out during the early part of the day …

exploring the local area and made an Infra Red panorama along the Ricklean River, but didn’t find anything else that I wanted to shoot so decided to go up to Bjuroklubb. My next thought was that the sunset would be a good image so I waited for the right time. Once at the Lighthouse at the top of the hill I set up immediately to shoot into the setting sun. I have previously posted that image, but as I was waiting for the sun to set I noticed that the clouds to the left were being lit up as well as those in front of me so I reset my view to shoot this image before resetting again to get an image of the last rays of the setting sun. This is also a good eample of why it pays to explore around the image.


Find the Sunrise and Sunset times for your location to help shoot the Golden Hour for yourself.


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