Bure River

I had seen this view of the Bure River many years ago …

soon after moving to North Sweden and went out to shoot the scene looking along the Bure River in a variety of ways today and ended up spending about three hours at this one spot. I shot in Infra Red using both 820nm and 590nm filters, this being the 820nm version. As is my current habit I have shot this as a panorama using the 24mm Samyang TS lens which gives a panorama of an aspect ratio arounf 3:1 on the Sony a6000.

Having recently moved permanently …

to my holiday cottage in North Sweden I have been taking time to explore the local area for photographic opportunitites and my word it is certainly abundant. Everywhere I turn there seem to be more and more opportunities and when I go out to shoot something there are invariably several days worth of images to come back for. Which is great , of course! It does show that it isn’t always necessary to go great distances to find spectacular images, they are there in our own back yards if we look. This spot on the Bure RIver is just such a place. As my timelapse sequence was shooting I could see another set of images just along the bank with a different perspective of the Bure River. Across the road there is a lake with beautiful sandy beaches to explore and I want to make the timelapse sequence in Infra Red as well (the light faded on me today!)

As I said …

several days worth of images just in this one spot along the Bure River and then in traveling to this place I passed another great opportunity in Burtrask for another day. In fact in a small radius around my house I have months of shooting and processing waiting for me!


Here is a little more detail about the Bure River



2 thoughts on “Bure River

  1. Very nice indeed. Just wondering if you can fake infra red effectively in photoshop/lightroom? Did you try before committing to your camera conversion?

    Summer in Northern Sweden looks very appealing. What are your photographic plans for what I imagine will be a dark, harsh and long winter?

    • Hi JPD

      Many thanks for taking the time to check out the images and for your comments … always much appreciated. I think that there is always the question of “couldn’t we do that better and easier in PS?” I didn’t try to fake it in PS because actually I think it would be quite tricky to achieve, though one certainly could! The problem is that the IR effect needs a strong Green filter to brighten the foliage and at the same time a strong red filter to darken the blues, so quite a bit of juggling with selections and masks. But definitely possible. This is one of those effects like the big stopper filter, or the reflection reducing effect of a polariser, that is difficult emulate in PS. So I didn’t try, besides my first IR conversions was at least a decade ago and PS was not the force that it is now – though I don’t think even now I would bother trying.

      You are right about the Summer here, but I am expecting great opportunities in the Winter as well when everything freezes, even the Bay of Bothnia is sufficiently frozen to drive across! Everything is covered in Snow as well. So more timelapses, more shooting and possibly travel along the coast of Norway for the Winter.


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