Long Exposure

One of the things that I try to achieve …

in my photography is to present the natural world in ways that we would not otherwise be able to experience it. I like to shoot in the deep Infra Red for example. Another method that I use is Long Exposure photography. Shooting Long Exposure images causes colours to soften in very painterly ways making for beautiful images.

This image was shot using the Lee Filter Big Stopper …

which is a neutral density filter that adds ten stops of light so a 0.4 second exposure became 4 minutes (actually that was a little underexposed, so should probably have been more like 10 minutes) and I am particularly pleased with how the long exposure has spread the colours of the setting sun in the sky, but also in the reflections in the lake.

There are many of these …

deep neutral density filters availabe these days and they all claim to be neutral in their colour rendition. I have used Hi Tech (though not their latest Firecrest version) and Lee and neither were neutral. There are now others available which also claim colour neutrality, but they are very expensive so testing them all is out of the question. However, I have recently come across a review of the Haida (never heard of them!) which seems to show good colour neutrality and since I am considering one of the newest 15 or 16 stop filters for my system I am considering this version as a test. I could stack my Big and Little stoppers of course, but I do think that this may be a better alternative.

If you do shoot Lee…

(or indeed any others which have a strong colour cast) then check out my previous post to see how I deal with the colour cast without resorting to curve adjustments in PS.


Here are some deep ND filters to try





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