I started to check the Aurora forecast regularly for the last few weeks and had a strong forecast about a week ago, unfortunately the sky was way too cloudy to be able to shoot it. As I was closing things down to go to bed last night I noticed that the sky was pretty clear, some patches of low lying mist, but defintiely clear enough to shoot the stars. I realised that I hadn’t checked the forecast for a while so went to have a look. The forecast was showing a pretty strong forecast for the next hour or so.

I gathered up my tripod and camera and went out to Ultervattnet. I have shot often at Ultervattnet, it is close to where I live and definitely very picturesque. Besides, there would be chance of refelctions pf the Aurora in the lake if I was lucky. I really want to shoot the Aurora from the lighthouse at Bjuroklubb, but it was too far away for this evening, I was worried that the Aurora would drift away before I could get there.


On the way to Ultervattnet the excitement was palpable, I was sure that I could see the Aurora to my right, whilst I was driving, but couldn’t really look becasue the road was very misty and it could just have been the reflection of my arm in the car window! As it turns out it wasn’t a reflection. At Ultervattnet, the sky was amazing. Lit up by this ribbon of solar particles right across the northern sky. It was tremendous! This wasn’t my first Aurora, I had shot it in Iceland a few years ago now, but this was much much brighter.


I shot a panorama as well as an image to show the reflection in the lake, and framing was very much trial and error, but worked out fine I think. Whilst waiting for the thirty second exposures I also noticed that the Milky Way was very clear and I shot that as well.


Want to shoot Aurora?

Here is a link to dark sky finder to improve your view