Northern Lights

I had only seen the Northern Lights once before I moved to North Sweden, whilst in Iceland one winter and I was 50! Since coming here I have seen them three times so far, the latest was only last night. The images shown here were shot during the display last week. One of the most spectacular that I have ever seen, but I am hoping for much more now!

Northern Lights

The forecast was good and although I could see no sign of the Northern Lights I went out to the Lake at Ultervattnet near to where I live intending to shoot the Milky Way using my new Samyang 12mm f2 lens bought for this purpose and if the Northern Lights developed all well and good. My word did they develop! This was the first time that I saw the Lights ‘dancing’ around the sky and a full spectrum of colours as well. A truly awesome display.

Northern Lights

The Milky Way image also worked well with this lttle fast lens from Samyang. I like the Samyang lenses becasue they are cheap, not because they are low in quality but because they dispense with the ‘bells and whistles’. They are completely mechanical with no electronics at all, which is fine for this sort of photography. The optics on these lenses is second to none and I think that this is a great niche in the market.

Northern Lights

The northern lights are a consquence of solar particles interacting with the atmospheric gases as they are funnelled¬† into the atmosphere at the poles by the Earth’s magnetic field, so the display depends upon the strength of the solar wind, the amount of particular matter ejected by the sun and how well that matter is coupling ot the Earth’s atmosphere. All of this is then dependant upon the weather to enable us to view it!


Interested in viewing the Aurora?

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  1. awesome images, Dave. How would a beginner get images like these?

    • Hi Phil,

      Easy … camera with manual settings, high iso, low shutter speed (a second or two) and fast wide angle lens wide open, nature will do the rest!!


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