My new series of Large Format Workshops

After nearly three decades of photography I feel that I am now able to devote the time to producing a series of workshops that I am proud to offer. Of course this is one consequence of giving up my full time job in order to concentrate on my Photographic interests and projects.

A timetable of workshops has been designed as a  series of short courses in order to provide an opportunity for participants to build skills in a sustainable way without either information overload nor excessive financial drain!

The progression through the series follows the so-called Iron Processes in the context of Large Format Photography. Emphasizing not only the taking of photographs, nor the image, but also the final print. In particular  shooting large format on film as well as panoramic film shooting. The Iron Processes include Palladium and Cyanotype together with the colloidal processes of Carbon Transfer and Wet Plate Collodion, However, for these workshops the inclusion of Cyanotype printing as a cheap easy way into the Iron processes before going the whole nine yards on the shocking expense of Platinum/Palladium printing, is to enable you to experiment and try out the contact printing processes with confidence. Having said that, once you try Platinum or Palladium I suspect that you will never want to go back! These prints are just stunning … so be warned!

The Cyanotype workshop can be taken with in camera negatives and with digital negatives, following the Digital Negative workshop to allow the use of digitally shot images in these processes. Digital negatives are quite involved and it makes sense to learn this process using Cyanotype to keep costs down as you learn the processes, giving you plenty of freedom to experiment.

From there we go into, what I think of as the big three … a Palladium printing workshop, a Carbon Transfer printing workshop (for me the third is Photogravure, but I am not ready to offer these workshops at this time, watch out for this in later seasons). Finally there is the Wet Plate Collodion, whilst a rather fickle process it isn’t as hard as it is made out to be. However there are a vast array of parameters to go wrong!

To mix things up a bit there are some ancillary experiences such as Infra Red shooting, self publishing your own photo book and pinhole imagery.

The workshop schedule allows you to take part in one or more workshops in the series so as to make best use of your time in Sweden, and to do as much or as little as you want to do. The cost of these courses is 100GBP per workshop day, though there will be additional fees for some workshops such as lab fees for the Palladium and Wet Plate workshops to cover the chemicals that you will use (with Palladium we will provide a full set of chemicals suitable for around 50 10×8 prints and whatever is left is yours to take back with you to continue your printing) or model fees for those workshops requiring models.

The workshops will take place at various locations here in North Sweden, not quite in the land of the midnight sun, but not far from it! The workshops are scheduled between mid-June and mid-August and each series will happen once each year for a maximum of four participants and will proceed regardless of how many people book, there is no minimum!

These workshops are offered in three genres of photography … Landscapes, Portraiture and Nudes so that the series can experienced in the context of your own photographic interests and you can develop these skills in a way that suits your photographic oeuvre.

If you are interested in these courses like the facebook page and click the e-mail button to keep in touch and to get full details,