I am introducing

… a Charity Film Shoot project in which I am hoping that as many people as possible will be involved. It is easy to get involved … just fill out any of the sign up forms on this site to get added to my mailing list, I will be choosing participants at random from that list to receive the camera in turn …

So what is this all about?

I recently came across a rather nice Zeiss Ikon Contina camera in a Charity shop. It is a 35mm camera which is not a format that I have shot for many years and I was wondering what I might do with it and then came this idea …

I am going to shoot one roll of film with the camera to document my day to day life, activities, area and region that I live in then I am going to choose someone from my mailing list to receive the camera next … hence the Global Charity Film Shoot

That person undertakes to also shoot one roll of film to document their day to day life and the environment that they live in before passing the camera to the next person from my mailing lists and so on.

Once each of us has shot our roll of film

… then we send web ready and print ready scans (if you have trouble with this let me know, this shouldn’t prevent you from being involved) of the images to me so that I can collate the project in to a website and also a book of the project. Proceeds from the sale of the book (after costs) will be donated to charities whose work deals directly with Street Connected Children – something which has a deep resonance for me personally.

Eventually, I hope that the camera will return to me and then phase 2 of this project will happen … more news on that later!

I am very excited; by this project, by the opportunity to work with you all, by the prospect of all those images

Sign up now, lets get going!

5 thoughts on “Global Charity Film Shoot

  1. Dave,

    Great idea for this analog project in documenting images from our digital world. As I settle into the UK from China, I’ll email you my address. I enjoy your videos, keep them coming.

    Too bad I missed this when I was in India for 3 years. Although mailing items to India is often too long and too complicated including a 30% duty which I paid for a pinhole camera.

    Any duty from country to country?


    • Hi Stuart

      I don’t think that there can be duty, there has been no transaction (of course I don’t think that would stop them in Belgium!!) and we should be sure to mark it as a gift item on the customs forms.

      Do you have time to do this whilst you are in China? I think a document of an expat in China might provide an interesting section to the project?

      30% is painful for sure, but try buying a 10×8 camera with 25% duty, although the percentage is a bit less the actual sum is eyewatering!!


  2. Hello, I d like to partecipate in this project. Please let me have more practical details, like themes of the pictures, timing, kind of film that I can shoot…etc

  3. Hi there,
    I came across your pose on FB related to your project. It is a great idea. As a freelance photographer i still love b&w film work. I also do Colodian photography. I am a collector of old 35mm cameras and have about 100+ of various ages…. well i just wanted to say excellent idea nad if you are interested i would like to participate in your project. I live in Canada, close to Banff and Lake Louise. Blessings to all…

    • Hi Christo

      Apologies, I just saw this comment. You are very welcome to be involved and I will add you to the list, can you let me know your full name so that I can keep the list complete?
      The camera is now on its way to shooter number 2 in South Africa


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