The first brochure for my new workshop series

This first brochure for this series is for the Palladium printing course and it describes the course in detail together with a programme for the two day course. The booking form for the course and our terms and conditions are in the brochure. Download the brochure and fill out the booking form then sign both forms and send them back in order to get involved in these courses.

The series is designed to build skills starting from shooting and progressing through digital negatives and on to contact printing processes. Shooting is based on the view camera and you will be able to use 5×4 and 10×8 cameras whilst learning the operation of the view camera, the Scheimpflug principle, loading film and development.

It is quite possible to print directly from the large format negatives in the contact printing processes, and we will do exactly this. However, you are likely to want to enlarge those negatives and the easiest way to achieve that is through digital negatives. There is a quite a lot to learn about the digital negatives process and in this introductory course our aim will be to get you to the point of being able to produce your own curves and to continue printing at your own base. We will provide more advanced courses in the future!

The contact printing processes that I use are Palladium and Carbon Transfer, though these courses include Cyanotypes to give a cost effective way to practice these processes before jumping in to the very expensive Platinum-Palladium processes. Of course the Carbon Transfer is much cheaper than the Palladium but is also rather more complex. This is why we leave the Carbon process to last – our courses have been designed to allow you to build the skills that you need from scratch.