Dave J Smith


Physicist by Training

Educator by Profession

Photographer by Passion

Traveller by Spirit


Physics has allowed me to develop a thorough and deep understanding of the Science of Photography as well as putting film in my cameras. Teaching has been my main job for about three decades, fitting Photography in as and when I could – along with the vast majority of photographers. However, the time has now come to move away from full time salaried employment and to devote my time to Photography and to Travel. I feel a deep compulsion to take photographs, to process the images – whether digital or film, but above all to print the images. I do feel that in this digital age very, very few images ever get off the desktop. One of the frustrations that I have felt as a salaried employee is the need to get images in a very short space of time whatever the weather. From here I intend to devote my time to Travel and to Photography and whilst this may sound glamorous I am under no illusions that this is a difficult path to follow, however, as I have already said I feel a deep compulsion to travel and to photograph. I am excited by this new venture!

I have a wide range of photographic interests; Landscapes, Macro, Street, Portraiture and Architecture. I use a similarly wide range of techniques to realise my artisitic vision; Panorama, Infra Red (in both B&W and Faux Colour), Long Exposure, Timelapse and Hyperlapse as well as some HDR. I also shoot film in Medium Format, Large format 10×8 and even Ultra Large Format 14×17 (and that is inches!). I am particularly looking to photograph the big landscapes off the beaten track, but in a variety of ways, I use X-Ray film which is orthochromatic for the largest formats for example, and whilst I have a prticular penchant for B&W I do also shoot and print in colour. I contact print the large formats onto handmade Palladium paper whilst colour images are digitally printed using Epson large format printers.

I think that travelling is in everyone’s soul to some degree … it certainly is for me. I don’t necessarily want to go anywhere in particular, I just want to go! For me it is about the journey, the excitment of going someplace new, the opportunity to photograph somewhere I haven’t been before. This is the key for me, the opportunity to photograph places, landscapes and nature and this is one of the drivers for my current plans – to not have to rush, to not have to take images regardless of the light because I only have a week to see the whole place. I have a number of Expeditions planned in the immediate future which include a tour of the Scandinavian North through Sweden, Norway and Finland above the Arctic Circle; North to South in the Americas starting in Northern Canada through the USA and then to the Southern tip of Argentina; West to East across Eurasia starting at Cabo da Roca in Portugal ending in Eastern Siberia at East Cape in Chukotka. These are just some of the plans in the pipeline! You can keep up with these journeys here, on my Portraiture and Street blog, on my Youtube Channel or my Vimeo Channel (I split the content on these channels between educational tutorials on Youtube and Timelapse, Hyperlapse and full motion video on my Vimeo channel).

I have been an educator for nearly thirty years and it is very much the sort of thing that ‘runs through the blood’! I  have built a strong understanding of the processes of learning and have achieved significant, demonstrable success as a teacher, both with colleagues as well as young people. I have been developing a number of educational and training resources over the last year and will continue to expand on these efforts in the future. As well as my blogs (here and my Portraiture blog) and my video channels I also have a growing presence on Google+.

The counters to the left show the balance between these four aspects of my life as I see it at present, I will update these as things change over the coming years, so it is my intention to keep these counters ‘live’.