Narvik Mountains

Now it wasn't that far to the summit, but it was very steep especially with 12kg of camera gear and a tripod to carry. Anyway, this stunning view was ...

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Narvik Norway

Ultervattnet, Sweden

and this lake is about ten minutes drive, called Ultervattnet. This image is an HDR treatment from a single image using three different Photomatix...

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Ultervattnet Sweden

From the Ferry

I decided to make a video of my post processing routine last night and this is the image that I worked on. It is another image from the ferry crossing...

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The Ferry Man

Saltstraumen Panorama

This is my second attempt with this image, I had prepped it last night and finished it off this morning before going to work and came home and started...

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Saltstraumen Norway

Strandakirkja Church

This is one of the richest churches in Iceland because of its incredible position ... that little sliver of water that you can see in the background i...

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StrandaKirkja Church, Iceland

Norwegian Fjord

I have presented in B&W which I do think really complements the sheer drama that I saw in this scene! I am not sure where in Norway this is I'm afraid...

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Norwegian Fjord

Saltstraumen Maelstrom

This is my first timelapse video. Shot at the Saltstraumen Maelstrom in Northern Norway. This was taken during my 2500 miles Scandinavian Tour this Su...

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Saltstraumen Maelstrom Norway

River rapids, North Sweden

I was attracted to it by the contrast between the textures of the fast moving water and the soft moss covered rocks. It is a complex masking blend of ...

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The River Runs Through

Exploring Narvik by Ferry

This was a surreal spot, I was on my way to Narvik from Bodo following the E6 and had glanced to the left to see the ferry going to Hamaroy and then n...

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Road to Narvik at Tysfjord

Ingleton Waterfalls

when I went a friend was kind enough to drop me off and then come back to pick me up later ... of course, I got completely engrossed in the scenery an...

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Thornton Force, Ingleton