Welcome to my workshop series for Large Format film photography and Contact Printing processes, such as; Cyanotype, Palladium and Carbon Transfer. Wet Plate Collodion is also in the works and will be added to the series when the workshop is ready. Watch out for news on that. Use this sign up form to express interest in these workshops and to receive the pdf brochure.

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These workshops will be offered once annually in June and July allowing you to experience these formats and processes in a shooting genre that you enjoy. We shoot Landscapes or Portraits to provide the context for your Large Format and Contact Printing experience.

If you are travelling from outside Sweden getting to us is quick and easy, you fly to Stockholm from anywhere and then make a connecting flight to Umea or Skelleftea from where we will meet you and all transfers are included. We can help you find accommodation for your stay.

Workshops are either two days or three days
in duration and the introductory cost is 100 GBP per workshop day plus lab fees for your chosen workshop. Palladium and Platinum are stunningly beautiful processes but the chemistry is shockingly expensive (more than Gold!) we will provide one set of chemicals (cost is about 200 GBP, which will also include all other materials needed) at cost, and this will be your set to take away with you so that you are ready to keep working once back home. There should be enough chemical for around 30 to 40 10×8 prints. You may want to start with Cyanotype (lab fee is only 75 GBP in comparison) printing before plunging in to the expense of Palladium, be warned once your images as Palladium prints you will be hooked! Carbon Transfer lab fee is 50GBP. The digital negative workshop lab fee is 25GBP.


Note that these courses run once a year and are available to a maximum of four participants. You can take as many or as few workshops at any one time, they are scheduled to allow you to develop your skills at a pace to suit you.

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Please complete the form above (or in the sidebar) to join the mailing list for these workshops and to receive full details and I look forward to working with you this Summer.